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Return & Exchanges Policy is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of merchandise and customer service. We are pleased to offer returns and exchanges defined by the following two categories within 30 days from the delivery date. Due to the extreme discounts we offer, after 30 days from the delivery date, all sales become final, and we do not accept any returns or exchanges. All returns and exchanges must be in original packages. Each item will be carefully inspected upon receipt at our warehouse before decisions are made.

Category A: Manufactuer Defects & Shipping Damages
If a customer receives damaged, defective, missing, or incorrectly shipped items from Adena Montessori, please email to or give us a call within 30 days of the delivery date and our customer service representative will arrange replacements for you. Adena Montessori will pay for the shipping of the replacement items. There will be no restocking fee if damaged or defective items are returned. Initial shipping charges will not be refunded. You will be asked to provide photos on damage / defective items to help us file the recovery claim with UPS. No returns or exchanges without photos for damaged or defective materials.

Category B: Personal Preferences
If items are returned or exchanged because of customers' personal preferences, a 15% restocking fee will be applied. Customers are responsible for the shipping costs of any returns and exchanges due to their personal preferences. Initial shipping charges will not be refunded. Please send email to contact our customer service representative before you return or exchange any materials under this category.

* Sample Definition of Personal Preferences:
1. I just want to have a look at the materials.
2. I found another company offering cheaper prices.
3. I don't like the items comparing to other companies.
4. I bought too many.
5. Our Montessori school is closed, we don¡¯t need the materials any more.

For customers in North America, please return materials to following address:

Adena Montessori
1376 Holly Ave.
Columbus, OH 43212

For customers in other countries (excluding US and Canada), please email to for return shipping address.

Attention (1) : All returns must be approved before returning merchandises. Once approved, please note the order number and the reason for return and returned items must be received by Adena Montessori within 10 days. If not, returns will not be accepted. Return of goods without our previous approval is not accepted.

Attention (2): Due to possible shipping damages, all returning items must be packaged in brown carton boxes. We will reject any return/exchange shipment if items are shipped to us without their original white cardboard box being placed in a brown carton box.

Attention (3): All merchandises returned due to personal preference cannot have any missing parts, damages, or written marks on either products or cardboard boxes. We will only accept returns or exchanges due to personal preferences when the merchandises are in brand new resalable condition upon our inspection.
Attention (4): We will refuse any return/exchange requests if one of the following excuses are presented:
a) I've been on vacation since I placed the order. I didn't check the order until I returned from my vacation, which has passed 30 days from the delivery date; (Courtesy Suggestion: Please make sure to place the order and check the quality before you take a vacation, or having your colleagues to check it for you. You may also place the order after you come back from the vacation.)
b) I was so busy and forgot checking the package, which is now more than 30 days after the delivery;

Attention (5): All exchanges will be valid in initial country of your order. We will be responsible for ship exchanges to initial country. But if a customer take materials to other country and ask for exchange, he/she will pay for the shipping cost of any exchanges to his/her destination country.

Attention (6): Your order may ship in more than one package and in different date due to back order items. Please note that each item's return or exchange is valid on 30 days after its delivery date rather than after other backordered items' delivery date. For example, one customer orders A010 and A020. he/she gets A010 on January 1st, then receives A020 on March 1st. In our policy, he/she can return/exchange A010 before February 1st and return/exchange A020 before April 1st. Return/exchange for A010 won't be accepted after February 1st. For avoiding the case, we recommend you to cancel backordered item after first shipment, then place a new order for it when it is available.

Attention (7): All items with 80% off are not refundable and exchange due to extremely discount.

Attention (8): If a customer returns part of an order or one whole order which was shipped from Adena Montessori free freight, then we will deduct shipping cost that we paid before we issue a refund for the returned products.

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