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Unique and nature crude wood, saturated with different ideas and concept, not only meet the look and feel of the baby, also play a very important role on the cultivation of baby creativity, space logical thinking ability and aesthetic ability.

the main raw material of our Wood products is beech wood ,fresh raw materials from Germany, as well as basswood and top plywood, no formaldehyde.

Currently,There are two kinds of AIDS coating used for the product, one is paint, lacquer, varnish, water paint. The Second is ink.

The EU standard, American standard and GB standard make it clear that the maximum limit of lead (can be migrated)in the paint of toys is 90 PPM.

Based on American standard ,the total lead content in paint of toys is less than or equal to 600 PPM. But The EU ROHS command that the maximum limit of lead in toys material is 1000 PPM.

There are no lead contained in our products. Because we made the following efforts:

1, Strengthen the study and training, familiar with national safety standards.

2, The pass of raw materials: one is to choose the qualified suppliers who can meet the requirement of the importing country providing us special paint in toys materials; Two is to strengthen the inspection of these raw materials before they are used in the factory, refused to accept raw materials unqualified or without inspection.

3,Attach great importance to the production process management. Choose appropriate production technology; Strictly control the production process of chemicals added and dosage; Pay attention to production tools management, clean before using, avoid cross contamination; In order to avoid abusing and mixing the paint ,strengthen the management of paint store ; in order to facilitate traceability,we use batch management of paint, and set up using records, .

4, Strengthen quality control,pay attention to the details.

5, Launch a pilot project to our new products.
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