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Cards For Geometric Demonstration Tray-in card.

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Three series of 9 cards that correspond to the figures contained within the geometric demonstration tray. Each shape is represented by a thing outline, thick outline, and filled-in card.


This item can be used in conjunction with A101 Geometric Demonstration Tray.

Set 1 in solid color. Set 2 in thick outline. Set 3 in thin outline


The Directress takes the circle cards from Set 1 .

She then lays out the cards on the floor mat besides the tray. The insets are arranged from different shapes.

Directress then removes the insets, finds the matching size and then places the inset on top of the corresponding cards randomly.

When the presentation is completed, Directress then shows how to put the tray back into the cabinet on the shelf, holding the tray with two hands.

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Dimensions: card size:5.5*5.5in